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Cold Truth is a four piece power blues rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. The band's 2008 release "Do Whatcha Do" is the follow-up to their 2003 self-titled debut, both of which have received outstandings reviews from rock critics worldwide. The raw and gritty sounds of "Do Whatcha Do" are reminiscent of the cutting edge, in your face, rock from the 1970s. The band stays true to their roots and their own musical influences, but the flare and talent of these four guys is hands down classic rock at its finest.


Produced by Michael St. Leon at Switchyard Studios in Nashville, "Do Whatcha Do" is influenced by southern and classic rock. The distinct sound of Cold Truth can be traced back to its very principal foundation. All four band members are long-time friends who have been masters of their trade since youth. Their music tells the story of life experiences and displays a collection of songs written with guts and feeling. The cast has evolved over the years with Kurt and Matt playing together since 1989. Thane joined the two in 1992 and Abe joined the three in 2000 to form Cold Truth. Their friendship and mutual love of good music has paved the way for some pretty heavy song writing. Says guitarist Kurt Menck, "we write a song with a certain feeling in mind, then we listen back and get that feeling we were imagining." Together, the band's studio albums and live performance makes a statement of musical freedom with no boundaries or limits. To quote one music critic "Cold Truth is one of the greatest modern classic rock bands in the world today." Another reviewer states "The music of Cold Truth is guranteed to make you believe in the healing powers of rock and roll once again." The bands third album is scheduled for release in the spring of 2014.

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